Update 03/21 (Presentation 1)

Hi all,

I’m making some significant progress with my project. Here’s what the Unity file looks like now:

Here’s a quick vid showing how I modeled the tree for the third poem:


Update 03/14

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.51.34 PM.png

I’ve been working on models and texturing for Vessels. Lots of nitty gritty UV texturing:


Here’s an update on Mooncatching:

Progress Documentation 1

I thought I’d post a quick sample of some small steps I’ve been making in Unity so far.

I built a model in Maya, animated it, and imported it, and then struggled with getting it to move and animate the way I wanted for several days. Eventually, I decided to ditch the imported animation and animate in Unity. I also ended up finding a script (JS) that I was able to modify to get random movement to my liking.

The clip above shows the model using ToonShader and the following code:

 #pragma strict
 var noTarget = true;
 var qTo : Quaternion;
 var speed = 1.25;
 var rotateSpeed = 3.0;
 var timer = 0.0;
 function Start() {
   qTo = Quaternion.Euler(Vector3(0.0,0.0,0.0));
 function Update() {
     timer += Time.deltaTime;
     if(noTarget == true) {//when not targeting hero     
         if(timer > 8) { // timer resets at 2, allowing .5 s to do the rotating
               qTo = Quaternion.Euler(Vector3(0.0,0.0Random.Range(-130130.0)));  
               timer = 0.0;
         transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, qTo, Time.deltaTime * rotateSpeed);
         transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * speed * Time.deltaTime);
         transform.Translate(Vector3.up * speed * Time.deltaTime);

This allowed me to have the following results:

Potentially useful resources

I’ve been checking out the Unity asset store & tutorials today for potentially resources and thought I would compile a list of them here for future reference:











Project Proposal

Here’s the link to my project proposal slideshow:


I realized after getting everyone’s questions/feedback that I must have been really unclear in expressing my idea so I’ll be making some posts over this week that try to explain it better.

One of the things that has always fascinated me is the possibility of translating meaning between two mediums. In particular I’ve been interested in translating music to moving visuals, and literature or poetry to interactive visuals. Last semester, I wrote a paper on visual music, the early movement of experimental animation that sought to represent music visually. While researching artists like Eggeling, Ruttman, Fischinger, and MacClaren I realized I was in pursuit of a similar goal. These visual musicians tested the boundaries of the animation medium and pushed it into fine art by seeking to emulate the meaning-rich abstraction of music with visuals.


Many visual musicians did not write their own music for the pieces. In such pieces, the animators show a deeply expressive interpretation of someone else’s music, amplifying the emotions presented in the music with their own mental landscape of color and form.

I think that interactive media and “game” formats are currently in a position for this sort of experimental play with genre. One of the aims of my project is to bring a game-like medium closer to artistic expression by exploring this space between music, poetry, and interactive visuals in a way that focuses on the emotional resonance of the piece and the visuals present in the piece.

Even if a poem is describing particular visuals, these visuals may be abstract in that they are unexplained and/or one must interpret them or sense an inherent emotion within them. This is the case for the poems I selected, which is why after deliberating, I’ve decided to represent the visuals that are portrayed in the writing. My goal interpreting them in my own artistic style and creating a visual and emotional atmosphere based on the ideas conveyed to me through the poetry. I want to be able to bring people into poetry in a way that has not been done before and that can only be done through interactive media.